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天 使 洋 槐 蜂 蜜 禮 盒 套 裝 – Angel Acacia Honey Gift Set

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天 使 洋 槐 蜂 蜜 禮 盒 套 裝






Angel Acacia Honey Gift Set

Surprise your loved ones with a personal gift of heavenly light golden coloured Angel Acacia Honey.

Our raw unfiltered honey is purely made from the delicate blossom of acacia trees.

Angel Acacia Honey is not only beautifully packed but also full of health benefits such as relieving cough, improving sleep quality, reducing stress and improving digestion. The mildness of the honey and its fruity flavour with hints of vanilla is for example a lovely mixture for your chamomile tea to start off your day.

A unique and healthy gift for many occasions!