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5 health benefits of Laughter Yoga for promoting health


Laughter Yoga is an aerobic exercise founded by Indian doctor Dr. Madan Kataria since 1995. This aerobic exercise allowed everyone to laugh for no reason, and operated in a group with interactions and eye contact, the group begins with fake laughter and slowly become real and contagious laughter. Laughter Yoga using the laughter sounds to enhance yogic abdominal breathing, which makes our bodies more energetic.  Even with fake laughter, our bodies stimulates the chemical to help us relax and be happy.

Up till now, there’s more than 80 countries and area are laugh out loud!


The 5 Benefits of Laughter Yoga for promoting health

1. Cardio Exercises

When we are laughing and playing like a kid, this is really cardio! Some says when continuously laughing for 15 mins equivalent to 30 mins rowing machine workout. Every time people join a laughing session, and they feel the power of belly laughing. Hahaha!


2. Boost the oxygen level inside our body

When we work hard or we feel stress, we don’t really have deep breathing. We don’t have enough oxygen inside our bodies and so we don’t have enough oxygen for all the healthy cells inside us. That’s why we feel tired and easily sick. When we practicing laughter yoga, we are using the laughing sounds to help us practicing the yogic abdominal breathing (deep breathing !), which helps us gain more oxygen inside our body, especially our brain, which helps us to be more energetic, and boost our productivity


3. Balance the stress level

When talk about stress, it is nothing wrong. Stress level is just the stress hormones level inside our bodies. The thing is we create too much stress hormones everything by ourselves, by our thoughts and by our actions. When we practice laughter yoga, it is us, the creator or stress, now choose to start fake laughter and stimulates the hormones to reduce stress level. What’s the benefit of balancing stress level? Well, you don’t need to suffer from your high blood pressure, tension in the muscles and your weak immune system. Balance is the key for happiness and health.

4. Improve Social Health

Social health involves your ability to form satisfying interpersonal relationships with others. It also relates to your ability to adapt comfortably to different social situations and act appropriately in a variety of settings. Spouses, co-workers and acquaintances can all have healthy relationships with one another. When we practice laughter yoga with the people we work with, we live together or meeting daily life, we have better relationship with these people in a non verbal communications. (of course, if you scold them off after the laughter yoga session, that’s really can’t help). Laughter is an ancient medicine for bringing people together, and what you do to them is nothing about laughter yoga :)

5. Improve your emotional intelligence

All the emotions we experienced in daily life has both positive and negative side to us, while knowing how to switch your emotions from negative to positive side to benefit our health and solving daily life challenges is how much awareness about yourself and is there a quick fix tools you can use to switch. Laughter yoga is a very easy tool for people to switch their emotions from angry or depression to neural state, then you can choose the best options in this state. So how to benefit our health? In Chinese medicine theory, different strong emotions continued for too long will create tensions in our organs, like angry will hurt our liver, miss someone too much will hurt our spleen, worry too much hurt the lungs and too much fear hurts the kidney. Experiencing different emotions and knowing how to Balance them will bring you health.

Come and join our laughter yoga sessions or arrange your own laughing session with your buddies, and direct experience the benefit of laughter yoga yourself.