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5 Surprising Fact on Fencing


Five surprising benefits of fencing

If you’re new to fencing, there’s a lot to take in, but crossing swords can have a number of benefits once you get the hang of it

It might not have the everyday practicality of enrolling on a basic plumbing course or taking Italian lessons. But for sheer romanticism, learning to fence takes some beating.

Although not the most high-profile sport, fencing has a thriving scene, with more than 20 clubs across the HK. So if you have been inspired by the recent championship in Asia Expo, visit the HK Fencing website to find your nearest place to cross swords.

Sure, it may take you a while to get the hang of it. But if you do stick with fencing, you will be glad you did. Here are five surprising benefits of the sport:

1. It is a brilliant workout

That non-stop backward and forward lunging, as well as the squatting-type pose you take between points, will tone your muscles. Expect to gain powerful thighs and a firm backside.

2. You’ll burn serious calories

An hour’s bout of fencing will burn off more than 400 calories as you try to outscore your opponent while rushing around the piste, 14m (46ft) long, the marked area where you compete.

3. It will improve your mental agility

You’ll need to think strategically, planning your next move while anticipating what your opponent will do.

4. You learn some new moves

Fencing could turn you into a demon on the dancefloor as nimble footwork is key to the sport.

5. It’s good for practising polite manners

Like many martial arts, in fencing you learn respect and follow an ancient code of honour. You must show courtesy to your opponent at all times while simultaneously trying to stab them.