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Honey Bee Bears – 蜂 蜜 小 熊 軟 糖

Bee Bears Honey Gummy Bears Hexapi Honey 100g 9000115 OL 34

Our Yummy Gummy Honey Bee-Bear is indeed a unique species – loving our bees and their sweet honey sooooo much.

Honey Bee Bears are a flavourful honey candy made up of 11% pure honey. It is not too sweet so you don’t need to worry about this healthy choice since the honey gives it numerous health benefits such as relieving a sore throat without artificial medicine.

For Bee Bear fans of all ages – A Honey-sweet Temptation Made in Germany!

我們的美味蜂蜜小熊軟糖確實是一種獨特的糖果 – 超愛我們的蜜蜂和它們甜蜜的蜂蜜。


蜂蜜小熊軟糖適合所有成年人和小朋友 – 德國製造的少甜誘惑!