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Restaurant Portion Wars


        It’s pretty cool when you can go to a lunch spot and get a well cooked meal with good food ingredients that is the PERFECT portion size for me, and dare I say for many of us.

       We live in a society where restaurants are constantly over-feeding us with big plates of food when there really is no need for it. As a result, we feel guilty for “wasting” food and continue to eat every last morsel of it until the damage is done – 120% full. Just this morning, I ordered a plate of ready-to-go food and despite me saying, “that’s enough”, they still felt the need to put one more scoop of mushrooms which I ended up leaving on the plate.

       For those of you living in Hong Kong, Cochin’s on Peel Street is one of my favourite new spots especially when eating out with clients. Thank you Cecile for the introduction :)